The Entrepreneur Of The Year™ is highly respected across the globe as an award, as a program, and, even more importantly, as a mindset. Since 1986, EY has been committed to the unique Entrepreneur Of The Year program, which specifically recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs.

The program, which was launched in the US, has now spread to over 70 countries. The associated Entrepreneur Of The Year competition is the world’s biggest and most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs.

The global network of 50,000 entrepreneurs continues to grow, with 5,000 nominees and 1,200 finalists added each year. In Switzerland, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year success story began in 1998. Since then, up to 50 entrepreneurs have applied for the competition every year. The jury selects one award winner from a shortlist of three finalists in each category.

You too can join the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and benefit from this unique program.

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